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Household Trends for the 2020s

The modern household continues to evolve, with interior design and lifestyle experts forecasting future trends based on demographic changes. The 2020s is well underway, and despite an incredibly challenging start, new lifestyle trends are starting to emerge. The global pandemic will obviously influence how we live and work in the years ahead, as will considerations around living space, multi-functionality, technology, and accessibility. Let's take a look at the changing shape of the modern home and what it means for your family.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed pretty much everything, from how we work and move about in the world to the way we interact with our fellow humans. The pandemic has already had a big influence on the household, with an increasing number of people changing jobs, slowing down, and migrating away from their city homes. Renewed focus on healthy living, work-life balance, and community relationships will filter down and influence design and lifestyle trends over the next few years. Other household trends to look out for include smart homes, indoor greenery, and diverse living communities due to changing family structures.

Along with the collective move to cleaner and greener territories, more people are working from home as the direct result of the pandemic. While much of the movement away from the office and into the home has been welcomed by workers and businesses alike, it is placing additional pressures on the size and shape of the modern home. Dedicated home offices will become more popular in coming years, with larger homes and multi-functional spaces both likely dependent on income, demographics, and location.

The growth of remote work opportunities has influenced a number of space-saving and multi-functional domestic solutions, including rooms within rooms, minimalism, and storage optimisation. House prices remain high in many parts of Australia and New Zealand, with multi-functional spaces a great way to expand your lifestyle without upsizing your property. According to Missona Aston, a consumer expert focused on future trends, “One room can easily fill several functions. For example, a classic guest room can readily be designed to also serve as a home office and meditation room. The multi-functional mindset will definitely spread.”

Changing demographics will also have a profound effect on household trends throughout the 2020s, as seniors become the single most dominant group in Australia and many other nations. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, people aged 65 years and over now represent 15.9% of the population, with this figure only likely to rise over the coming decade. According to Mette Mechlenborg, housing researcher at Aalborg University, “For many years we have focused on families with children when talking about what defines homes and who has the most pull in the housing market. However, seniors will define our housing market and housing types in the coming years.”

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