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Buying a home or investment property is an expensive exercise. It is important to understand all the costs in advance of the purchase and budget for them when arranging your finance. Most purchase cost estimates you will find on the web just provide stamp duty, but fail to factor in the many other costs.


Blue Zinc prepares a comprehensive Purchase Costs Report for our clients. Our report shows all the costs at different purchase prices with your deposit factored in. Submit the form below to receive your Purchase Costs Report completely free.


First Home Buyer?

Purchase Cost Estimate

Other government charges

Legals & Other

Loan Establishment Fees

Total Fees and Charges

Loan to Valuation Ratio (LVR)

Lender Mortgage Insurance will be required

Total Stamp Duty on purchase

State Government tax assessed on the sale price of the property. For a first home buyer in NSW this cost may be deferred, subject to certain criteria. Click (i)nfo for details

e.g. Mortgage registration or Land transfer registration

e.g. Conveyancing or solicitor fees, Search and enquiry fees, Building and pest inspection reports etc

Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Each lender charges LMI differently, so if can be difficult to estimate. We will also require more information. To recieve a detailed cost estimate including LMI please submit this form. Click (i)nfo for details

Fees that lenders charge to cover costs in considering a loan application. Paid up front and usually not refundable unless the loan is declined. Click (i)nfo for details

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This calculator is provided by Blue Zinc to assist our clients in understanding the costs associated with a property purchase or refinance. All costs, fees and charges are estimates only and may vary. Other charges not listed above may also be payable. Other useful calculators are available by visiting the Client Tools section of the website. Should you have any queries about these costs or anything at all to do with your mortgage please contact your broker or call 1300 668 017